Get immersed in an animated game just by drawing a stickman

Get immersed in an animated game just by drawing a stickman

Even if you’re not an artist, you can draw a stickman, right? Everyone can! One site wants to take your poorly wonderfully drawn stickman and turn it into an interactive animated game.

DrawAStickman will not only drain you of precious moments of productivity, it will make you feel like a rockstar animator. Created by development firm Hitcents, the site displays its talents in a pretty grand way.

Once you’ve drawn your stickman (or woman), it will joyfully jump around and you’ll be asked to participate in a series of interactions that follow a storyline for your character. For example, a box drops next to your little person and you’re prompted to draw a key to open it.

Without ruining the fun for you, this is highly addictive. As the storyline evolves and you draw more things that makes your character do more animated things, you can share what you’ve drawn and submit it to a public gallery:

So go ahead, draw your stickman and start your adventure!


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