This experimental clock only uses color to tell time

This experimental clock only uses color to tell time

There typically isn’t much going on in the world of time telling, but TimeHue, created with openFrameworks and Processing, holds an exception. Reminiscent of a polar clock, it tells time with an atmospheric color wheel, and has a calming simplicity to it.

Since digital clocks and phones are so easily synced to servers nowadays, it’s hard not to know the exact time — right down to the millisecond. But with TimeHue, there’s a guessing process in it’s lack of numbers. This may sound distracting at first, but after using it, ends up being almost relaxing. It’s the kind of clock I’d like to take with me on vacation.

It should catch the eye of designers and artists, and is available on both iOS and your browser (Android on the way). Here’s more from the creators:

TimeHue is a clock that represents time as a series of hue values ranging from 0° to 360° within in the HSL color space.

To read the clock, start from the center and move outwards: the hue of the small circle represents hours, the middle continuous hue represents minutes and the surrounding outer hue represents seconds. The segmented color wheels are merely there for reference, broken into 12 color segments for hours and 60 color segments for minutes and seconds.

➤  TimeHue, via the App Store and on the Web

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