This microwave can tweet and play YouTube videos

This microwave can tweet and play YouTube videos

The μWave, pronounced micro-wave, mu-wave, or u-wave, is a nifty little invention which comes to us courtesy of a group of students who won first place in the PennApps Data Hackathon.

Conceived by Will Whitney and built by Kevin ConleyBen ShyongVarun Sampath and Teddy Zhang in less than 40 hours, the unique microwave, spotted on the Make blog, not only heats up your food for you, but will have you thoroughly entertained in the process. Once you punch in how long you want to heat up your food, μWave will find one of YouTube’s top videos of the same length and play it for you. And that’s not all it does. It will also send out a tweet from its own personal Twitter account to let its followers know you just microwaved your food. If you get bored with the YouTube video and happen to wander off, it will send you an SMS message to let you know your food is ready.

To see the μWave in action check out the video below:

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