The world’s first “Catvertising” agency launches in Canada

The world’s first “Catvertising” agency launches in Canada

This just in from Canadian advertising agency John St: “We’re seeing a major shift in consumer habits. Everything is moving towards cat videos. And the agencies that don’t know that? They’ll get left behind.”

John St. says that by 2015, cat videos will represent 90% of the content on the World Wide Web. Why? “Because no one wants to see ads anymore. They want to see cat videos.” To stay ahead of the curve, John St. is beginning its foray into “Catvertising.” To facilitate this change, the agency will launch its Cat Video Production studio to film, write and seed cat videos.

“You think sometimes you’re gonna run outta material, but then you come in in the morning and are like omg Trombone cat!”

Watch it here:

This behind-the-scenes interview is a spoof (of course) but the irony isn’t lost on us. A Catvertising Agency could probably make quite a bit of cash and would definitely be a very funny place to go to work. And at the very least, this is a great promotional video for the John St. Agency.

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