SoundCloud asks Moby, Imogen Heap and others about the importance of sound

SoundCloud asks Moby, Imogen Heap and others about the importance of sound

I once heard my father say that he’d rather go blind than deaf. From that moment on, I understood the importance of sound and it would forever hold a very special place in my heart, mind and body. And I am not alone in my sensory quest.

SoundCloud, the social audio platform, has been gaining steadily in popularity since its launch in 2008. Until this year. In the past few months, the company founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss has skyrocketed to an enviable status in the digital music space.

In the past year alone, SoundCloud has increased by more than four million users; launched new features including SoundCloud Labs and recently integrated with Tumblr, guaranteeing it mainstream status. Also this year, SoundCloud added Union Square Ventures‘ Fred Wilson from Union Square Ventures and Index Ventures‘ Mike Volpi to its team.

Today, SoundCloud is featuring ten sound experts in a video project to share their views on why sound is so important to our lives. The stars include Ben Rubin, the founder of EAR Studio; “Sonic Thinker” Bruce Odland; the world renowned Imogen Heap; Jad Abumrad, a Radio Host and Producer; Dr. John Levack Drever, the Head of Sound Practice Research at Goldsmiths University; Julian Treasure, Author of Sound Business; Martyn Ware, the founder of Illustrious Company; Moby, perhaps one of the world’s most famous musicians; sound collaborator Salvatore Principato; and the Pioneer of Crowd Jamming, Tim Exile.

SoundCloud says the video demonstrates its commitment to collaboration, participation and passion around sound and provides a thought-provoking piece for everyone to enjoy. Check it out here:

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