This PR2 robot bakes chocolate cookies [Video]

This PR2 robot bakes chocolate cookies [Video]

This robot may look like he’s about to perform open heart surgery, dressed in head to robo-toe plastic, but he’s actually just baking chocolate cookies, Chocolate Afghans, to be exact. MIT CSAIL students programmed this PR2 robot, built by Willow Garage to identify bowls, mix ingredients, and move the dough into an oven. The bot’s slow movements (note that the video is sped up 8X) make cooking baking look quite laborious, so don’t expect robots to replace your nearest pastry chef anytime soon.

The project is supported by Willow Garage and an NDSEG fellowship. Other PR2 projects have included things like having it fetch you cold beer from the refrigerator and ringing up items as a grocery cashier.

Check out the video here:

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