Mark by Mark Zuckerberg: The Ultimate in Facebook Fashion

Mark by Mark Zuckerberg: The Ultimate in Facebook Fashion

Sometimes it’s not the ideas that get you somewhere, maybe not even the determination to reach the top – more often than not, it’s the clothes that you wear.

One of the most high-profile and successful entrepreneurs in the public eye today is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Creating one of the world’s largest websites, Zuckerberg knew that if he ever wanted to amount to anything, he had to dress for success.

Luckily for you and me, we are now able to recreate the Zuckerberg style, by way of the new fashion clothing range known only as Mark by Mark Zuckerberg:

Everything you need is there, from his distinctive bathrobe, to his white socks and Adidas flip-flops – all linked to the specialised boutiques that sell these unique items of clothing and associated accessories.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

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