Dilbert Takes On The iPhone 4G Debacle

Dilbert Takes On The iPhone 4G Debacle

Scott Adams is a long time hero of mine. If I could recoup all the time that I have spent in my life reading Dilbert and apply it to a more, say, productive task heaven knows where I would be.

Dilbert, Mr. Adams creation, is the voice of trampled office workers everywhere often includes technology references that update with the times. When Adams wanted to draw on the iPhone 4G lost-and-found scandal, he could not in his usual channel. It would have taken a month to get his newest drawings into print, and by then the cartoons would have been stale.

Instead, he drew two cartoons on the topic and put them on his website. According to Dilbert.com’s pile of legal information, we cannot post them here, sadly. Go read the best two comics online on the 4G here.

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