Get Your Adobe Hate On Here – Calling Everyone!

Get Your Adobe Hate On Here – Calling Everyone!

ni_adobe-logoAdobe had been thrust into the spotlight in the last few weeks during the great iPad Flash debate. The company has had many more detractors than defenders, as anyone keeping score will tell you.

The whole debate has brought the Adobe-haters out of the woodwork. If you were not a developer before the iPad, Flash was just somethign that you used. Now for everyone it is something much, much more.

In the spirit of the debate, a comical blog called “ADOBE UI GRIPES” is tracking the most annoying bits of Adobe’s software. What have they found? 33 pages of things, it turns out.

Posted below are three of our favorites, be sure to check out their blog for more. Happy hating everyone.

adobe 12

adobe 2

adobe 3

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