Firefox will notify you when you visit breached websites

Firefox will notify you when you visit breached websites

Future versions of Firefox will warn the user when they wander onto a website that’s been the victim of a recently-reported data breach.

The tool, called Firefox Monitor Notifications, is available now in Firefox Quantum and will be rolled out to users of the mainline browser in the coming weeks.

The tool works by automatically notifying users when they visit a recently-compromised site. The user can then click on the alert to visit the Firefox Monitor site, where they can check if their personal details were caught up in the leak.

The alerts appear only once per site, and only show for sites that have been compromised in the previous twelve months. Furthermore, users who find the alerts to be intrusive can turn them off entirely.

Mozilla has been doing some interesting stuff with security and privacy lately, arguably the most interesting of which is Firefox Monitor. This tool is the product of a partnership with Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned, and is now available across 26 different languages.

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