Sustainability is becoming more important for all businesses, across all industries. As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and as transparency becomes more prevalent, companies are recognizing the need to act on sustainability. However, embarking on a more sustainable journey is not a one-step process.


We’ve teamed up with ABN AMRO and Impact Hub to launch Impact Nation. The collaboration signifies that no one organization or company can solve sustainability challenges alone. Impact Nation strives to map companies' sustainability challenges and opportunities, explores solutions worldwide, and supports them with the practical implementation towards a more sustainable company.

To get Impact Nation running, we invited eight medium-sized enterprises to participate in a 100-day program. Facilitators and experts from TNW X and Impact Hub assisted and coached the participants, and helped brainstorm the solutions towards a more sustainable company operation. The participating companies are:

  • ReintenInfra
  • Centralpoint
  • Wereldhave
  • Vogel’s
  • Johan Cruijff Arena
  • Militex
  • Hempflax
  • Vrijdag Premium Printing

They’re looking for new ideas, approaches, and technologies to help them become more environmentally responsible, and their challenges present valuable opportunities for startup businesses.

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