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Sustainability is becoming more important for all businesses, across all industries. As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and as transparency becomes more prevalent, companies are recognizing the need to act on sustainability. However, embarking on a more sustainable journey is not a one-step process.

Making a nationwide impact together


TNW is working together with ABN AMRO and Impact Hub on an initiative that will help companies with the practical side of making their business more sustainable.

Impact Nation is a 100-day program that will solve your most urgent sustainability challenges. We’ll offer supporting modules, match you with globally sourced solutions, and help you with the nitty gritty implementation.

This collaboration evinces that no one organization or company can solve the sustainability challenge alone. Impact Nation strives to map companies' sustainability challenges and opportunities, explore solutions worldwide, and support them with the practical implementation to create a more sustainable company.

In April 2021, we hosted a kick-off event for a new round of challenges to be tackled in 2021. During the hybrid event that we hosted at Circl Amsterdam, we introduced which sustainability challenges we were going to tackle, and matched the participating companies with other businesses.