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3 reasons to connect
Why Partner with us?

3 reasons to connect

TNW Programs help governments and community builders tap into the global tech ecosystem in order to grow your local tech ecosystem.

48 countries have grown with the help of TNW, whether it be:

  • Supporting startups from your country to grow into international businesses

  • Bringing together the key players in your country to work together

  • Finding the best startups in the world to relocate to your region

Check out our case studies to see what we can do for you.

Case studies

Browse a selection of our case studies below to see how some clients and partners have applied TNW Program's solutions to their most important business challenges.

  • Singapore Tourism Board

    Together with Ravel Innovation and Singapore Tourism Board, we support the key players of Singapore’s tourism and travel industry in solving their innovation challenges and creating new business opportunities.

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  • City of Rotterdam

    We support the City of Rotterdam in strengthening its mobility ecosystem by connecting startups, knowledge institutions, investors, and large organizations. Key elements of our approach are expert interviews and analysis of the current mobility environment.

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    Destination Deep Tech is a softlanding program to support deep-tech startups to scale their businesses in the MENA region, using KAUST as a launchpad. This 12-weeks program supported the startups in making Saudi Arabia their new home.

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