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Android 12 makes sharing Wi-Fi passwords a breeze

Android 12 Share Wifi

It’s annoying when you have to tell your Wi-Fi password to your friends or type it on all of their devices. Android 12 will make it way easier to share your wireless connection’s credentials through Nearby Share — Android’s AirDrop equivalent.

This feature is part of Android 12‘s first developer beta that dropped last night. On the Wi-Fi password screen, you can tap the Nearby button to share your credentials to Android phones with Nearby Sharing enabled.

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Android 10 and Android 11 both had functionality to let you share your Wi-Fi password through QR codes, and I think that’s the easiest way to do it. However, for some reason, if those codes are not working, you will be able to send it through Nearby Share when Android 12 rolls out.

While you’re at it, you can check out our guide for sharing your Wi-Fi password on any platform through a QR code.

Android 12 is just in the nascent stage with its first developer preview, so this feature might go through some tweaks till we reach the final version. Google plans to roll out three developer builds and four beta version before we see how the finished product looks like. Until then, we wait.

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Published February 19, 2021 — 09:40 UTC