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The 8th generation iPad packs more power, but has the same old design

Time to play spot the difference with the 7th generation

8th generation iPad header image

At today’s event, Apple just announced its brand new 8th generation iPad.

The biggest news is the chip: the A12 bionic. This allows the device to deliver faster graphics (twice as fast if according to the company) and make use of the Apple neural engine.

On top of this, there are also support for new accessories, including the smart keyboard and similar bits of kit from Logitech.

The most interesting update in this space is the support for the Apple Pencil. This is important due to iPadOS 14, which includes a huge range of uses for Apple’s stylus.

With the new software, you’re able to actually write on the screen and interact with the tablet in a new way. It could completely change how you use Apple‘s 8th generation tablet.

All this is positive, but there’s one glaring issue in the room: the design.

Many people were expecting the new iPad to reduce the bezel size, but it looks very much like we’re going to get the same device, with just a spec bump.

8th generation iPad
The 8th generation iPad looks a lot like the… 7th generation iPad.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, from everything that Apple announced, it appears that the 8th generation iPad is going to be an incredibly powerful machine that’ll be suitable for all kinds of people. It just would’ve been nice if we had something that looked slightly more… modern.

But, where the 8th generation iPad really comes into its own is the price. This newly updated tablet will retail for $329, which isn’t exactly cheap for tablets, but it’s solid for an Apple one.

Will all these new under-the-hood updates make the experience substantially better for the general user? Potentially. But I can say for certain that the Apple Pencil support will change how people interact with their devices.

Stay tuned for our thoughts when we get our hands on the 8th generation iPad!

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Published September 15, 2020 — 18:05 UTC