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OnePlus might release a smartwatch because who doesn’t like money?

Apart from smartphones, OnePlus has made TVs, neck buds, wireless earbuds, and a lot of accessories over the past year. Now, the company might be looking to produce a smartwatch of its own.

Sleuths at XDADevelopers spotted a filing at Indonesia’s regulatory body that mentions the product named the OnePlus Watch. The watch will likely run on Google’s WearOS platform powered by Qualcomm’s 4100 platform.

Credit: XDADevelopers
Regulatory filing of the OnePlus Watch in Indonesia

The phone manufacturer has talked about the possibility of producing a smartwatch in the past. In 2016, it made a prototype, but decided against releasing it. A new report from TechRadar suggests that OnePlus has been looking to build a smartwatch over the last year.

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This doesn’t seem far fetched as the company is slowing growing its product portfolio over several verticles. Plus, OnePlus has shared a lot of technologies with its cousin company Oppo in the past.

Last month, the company released the $205 Oppo watch with a heart rate tracker. Also, as per LinkedIn, Sinopple device pvt ltd. is an Oppo subsidiary. So, there’s a strong chance OnePlus will take design inspiration from the recently released watch.

We’ll have to wait to see if OnePlus includes any special features in the smartwatch that will give it a leg up over other devices in the category.

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Published August 28, 2020 — 07:25 UTC