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Google makes it easier to buy the latest version of Glass

It's meant for businesses and developers


Google Glass may have been one of the biggest flops of the decade as a consumer product, but the project lives on in specialized applications for business and enterprise markets. But even then, it was a bit of a hassle to buy one, as you had to go through one of Google’s solution providers.

Now the company has made the AR gadget available through a handful of hardware resellers, making it easy for businesses, developers, or any interested party to get their hands on a pair without jumping through hoops.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is built on Android, so developers familiar with the platform should have little trouble transitioning. Google says Glass has helped businesses achieve faster production times, improved quality, and reduced costs, with companies like DHL claiming 15 percent greater operational efficiency since implementing Glass.

If you’re a business looking to implement Glass or are just curious enough to want one, the AR headset will set you back approximately $1,200 at CDW, Mobile Advance, or SHI.

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Published February 4, 2020 — 17:17 UTC

on Google Developers