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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip may use bendable ‘ultra-thin glass’ instead of plastic


The general assumption about folding phones is that they have to use a plastic display. After all, glass doesn’t bend… right? It turns out Samsung may have something different under its sleeve for its next folding phone,  rumored to be called the Galaxy Z Flip.

Two leakers, Max Weinbach of XDA and @IceUniverse have so far mentioned Samsung using an ‘ultra-thin glass’ panel. As noted by The Verge, Samsung also applied for a trademark for the term.

Curiously, the phone appears to have a built-in crease (as opposed to one that would presumably build overtime). It’s not clear why, but perhaps it helps with long-term durability.

Weinbach also notes that the front 1-inch screen (0.1 was a typo) can be used for checking charging speeds and battery information, as well as a tiny viewfinder when taking selfies. Specs so far include a capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side, 15W charging, a 3,300 mAH battery,a Snapdragon 855, and dual 12MP cameras.

The choice of glass – if it’s really glass and not a marketing term for a different kind of plastic – is an interesting one. One one hand, it would lead to more durability against scratches; the original Galaxy Fold’s screen can essentially be scratched with a fingernail. On the other, it will likely be more prone to, you know, break. Pick your poison, as they say, though I suppose history has shown glass to win over plastic in everyday smartphones as well.

Either way, with Samsung poised to announce new phones next month, it shouldn’t be long until we find out more.

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Published January 24, 2020 — 01:03 UTC