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Google may soon let you record phone calls on Android

Google Pixel 4 (1 of 7)

I’m pretty sure most of have wished we could record our phone calls at one point or the other. I often interview people over the phone, and it’s annoying to have to jerryrig a microphone setup. Maybe you want proof of a spam caller’s harassment. Or maybe you just want to give that you want to give your bank a taste of its own medicine and record your conversation for quality assurance.

Google’s Phone app, used in Pixel and Android One devices, may soon let you (again). Mishaal Rahman over at XDA spotted code in the app that suggests an overhaul of the app is coming. As noted by Rahman, recording phone calls was previously possible prior to Android Pie, and there hasn’t been an official call recording API since Android Marshmallow.

It’s not clear if this is a feature that will ever roll out widely. XDA notes Xiaomi recently announced a call recording feature, and it’s possible this code is related to that.

Google has said it’s working to bring back call recording API’s to future versions of Android, which would lead to more reliable third party solutions. Last year, the company said it skipped doing so in Android Q because it hadn’t quite puzzled out how to implement the feature securely. Maybe it’l make an appearance by the time Android 11 rolls around.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see the feature make its official debut at Google I/O in May, or whenever Android 11 is announced.

Via The Verge

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Published January 15, 2020 — 23:28 UTC

on XDA