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OnePlus built a piano out of 17 phones because why not


Tech companies love to advertise their products with musical gimmicks. Last month, a Google ad showed off an incredibly impractical DJ rig built out of Pixel 4s to show off the phone’s gesture controls in the most basic way possible. And now OnePlus has built a full-sized piano out of seventeen 7T Pros to show off the fact it has, umm, a touchscreen, I guess?

In OnePlus’ own words:

Watch the OnePlus Phone Piano dial up the Christmas magic on its mission to connect people with what really matters this festive season—each other. With classical pianist Karim Kamar lending a helping hand, let the heartwarming melodies take you on an enchanting journey.

I mean, I get it’s supposed to be an inspirational ad, but the curving gaps between screens don’t really look like they’d be much fun for playing. Not to mention I’d bet that backing track was definitely not recorded on the OnePlus piano. Those screens aren’t pressure-sensitive, so there would be none of those lovely dynamics.

But hey, it’s pretty sweet to see people gathering around this weird musical contraption, and I suppose it isn’t every day you see a digital piano with 136 to 204 gigs of RAM and 4,352 gigs of storage. But as smooth as the 7T Pro may be, I’m pretty sure a real-world piano‘s refresh rate is better than 90Hz.

You can watch more about the OnePlus piano here.

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Published December 5, 2019 — 23:21 UTC

OnePlus Piano on OnePlus [YouTube]