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Leak: The OnePlus 8 Pro could pack dual selfie cameras

OnePlus 7 Pro (1 of 4)

A leak is making the rounds today claiming to include internal product diagrams for the OnePlus 8 Pro. The most interesting tidbit is on the front: if the leak is to be believed OnePlus is abandoning the pop-up camera in favor of a whole-punch camera as seen on the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

The leak, published by True-Tech, was supposedly provided by a OnePlus employee. It corroborates an October leak that showed a similar rear camera setup and hole-punch camera, but only showed one camera on the front. It now appears the standard OnePlus 8 might only have the one camera, but the Pro model will get two.

On the rear, we can see a similar triple-camera layout to the current OnePlus devices, including wide, ultrawide, and telephoto lenses. New is a time-of-flight sensor, which would presumably help with depth-sensing in photography as well as augmented reality tasks. The report also points to a two-tone flash, which seems a little unnecessary given how good low light photography has gotten across flagship phones.

It’s not clear what the second sensor on the front does. It could be an ultrawide camera for group selfies, or it could be a depth sensor to enhance selfie portraits or face login. My hope is former; the group selfie camera was one of my favorite features of the Pixel 3, and I was sad to see it go in the Pixel 4.

In any case, moving to a hole-punch camera should presumably assuage any concerns over the pop-up mechanism failing. Of course, take this all with a grain of salt; even if the leak is true, it’s still early days and the phone’s design is very much subject to change.

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Published November 20, 2019 — 22:27 UTC