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The Loupedeck CT is a hardware console for all your creative software


I’m a big fan of the Loupedeck, a hardware console for photographers that gives tactile control over image-editing parameters in Lightroom. It’s a niche, specialized tool that managed to cut my editing time in half. There’s just one problem: it’s pretty much only useful for photography.

The company’s newest product, the Loupedeck Creative Tool – or Loupedeck CT for short – solves this problem. With a combination of dials, buttons, and LED touchscreens, the device is able to adapt to a wide variety of software, including Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X, and Ableton Live. Autodesk Fusion 360 support arrives later this year, and further software compatibility will be announced in 2020.

More than just presets for specific software, it comes with preset workspaces for different parts of the editing process – you’ll want different functions when curating your photos than when you’re actually editing, for instance. You can also create custom shortcuts, including for controlling your Windows or Mac functions, not just apps.

The gizmo features an aluminum build and high quality bearings; the company has come a long way from the original plasticky Loupedeck. It also features a detachable cable and comes in an overall more compact design than prior models, making it easier to transport.

At $549, it’s a pricey accessory, but if it’s anything like prior Loupedecks, the time savings alone could easily be worth the investment. You can place a pre-order at or B&H Photo Video; shipping begins November 11.

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Published October 29, 2019 — 21:03 UTC