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OnePlus’ 7T Pro McLaren is coming to the US after all – with T-Mobile’s 5G

When OnePlus announced the 7T Pro, we were a bit surprised to hear it wasn’t coming to the US. Not that there’s all that much reason to buy it over the already excellent OnePlus 7T; it’s basically a slightly different design with a better telephoto lens and slightly beefier specs.

But it turns out the device is coming to the US after all – and with 5G to boot. The company is partnering with T-Mobile to release a variant of the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition with 5G in the US. The McLaren Edition of the Pro comes with a massive 12GB of RAM instead of the 8GB in the regular Pro and 7T. It also has a snazzy orange and black design matching the McLaren brand.

Unfortunately, the companies haven’t revealed much else. Pricing and availability will be revealed “later this year.” Maybe that’ll give T-Mobile some time to roll out 5G a little more widely; it’s currently only available in a few pockets of select cities. For more of our thoughts on the non-5G McLaren Edition, check out our hands-on here.

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Published October 23, 2019 — 18:22 UTC