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It’s real: Microsoft announces the Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android phone


Microsoft announced a bunch of stuff at its event including a dual-screen device running new Windows 10X, the Surface earbuds, and the Surface laptop 3. And then, out of nowhere, it hit us with a dual-screen device that runs Android.

That’s right! Mircosoft‘s new Surface Duo is a dual-screen device running the Android operating system.

As per a report from Wired, The device has two 5.6-inch screens powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It runs a modified version of Android 9 Pie suited for two screens.

The Surface Duo will officially launch next year during the holiday season. But the company wants to give developers a taste of developing for dual-screen devices early in the game.

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Published October 2, 2019 — 15:50 UTC