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Huawei is delaying its Mate X foldable launch until November


After a series of mishap and delays, it looks like foldable phones are finally making its way to consumers. Last month Samsung said the Galaxy Fold will launch in September. Now, TechRadar reports Huawei‘s Mate X will hit the shelves in November.

During a briefing in China, the company said it had pushed the release date from September to November. Huawei also said it’s already working on the next version of the phone and it might have more screens.

The report notes Huawei has made refinements to the ‘falcon hinge’ that’s responsible for the phone’s folding mechanism, but it won’t be made of carbon fiber as previously predicted.

The company’s engineer tried using aluminum instead of steel for the back to make the device 20 grams lighter, but they found the material wasn’t strong enough for longer use.

Both Samsung and Huawei‘s phone has gone through durability issues. Now, the companies are claiming they’ve fixed these problmes, we would look forward to get our hands on them.

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Published August 15, 2019 — 11:53 UTC