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CHEAP: Snort and suckle on this Sony Bluetooth speaker’s sounds now it’s HALF PRICE OMFG

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Price $ ProductSRS-XB10 portable speaker by Sony

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Do you think there should be a limit to how many Bluetooth speakers one should own? I don’t think so. That’s why you should buy Sony’s compact SRS-XB10 portable speaker, selling at just $29.99, down from its original price tag of $59.99.

The cylindrical device is just 3.6-inch high and 3-inch in diameter, so you can easily sneak it into your bag and lug it around. And it’s pretty lightweight at 260 gms allowing you to hang it on your bike’s handle, and listen to some nice tunes on your way.

But just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it has a meek sound. Sony’s audio products are known to produce some mean bass, and this one’s not an exception. Apart from Bluetooth, it also has NFC, so you can tap your phone to pair it with the speaker in a jiffy. But, if you’re old fashioned, you can connect your phone with the SRS-XB10 via a standard 3.5mm cable.

Sony claims the speaker will play music for 16 hours on a single charge – that’s pretty impressive.

Hurry up and grab your own unit of the Sony SRS-XB10 portable speaker for just $29.99 ($30 off).

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Published July 30, 2019 — 11:07 UTC

Price $ ProductSRS-XB10 portable speaker by Sony