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CHEAP: This is a quiet place — shame if someone ruined it with THIS $109 MARSHALL SPEAKER

Price $ 109.99 ProductStockwell Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker by Marshall

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Sometimes headphones or a home stereo won’t do — you need a portable sound system. I mean, how on earth else are you meant to get all your friends to listen to those carefully crafted playlists?

This is where Marshall’s Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker comes into the picture. This device is on sale for just $109.99, down from its original price tag of $199.97 (44% off).

Marshall is known throughout the world for quality audio gear, and this is no exception. This Bluetooth speaker packs a solid punch in the sound department with two 2.5-inch woofers and two class D amplifiers.

You can move it around with ease as it weighs just 1.2 kg. Plus, it promises 25 hours of battery life, so it’s perfect for picnics or road trips. But if you’re old school and hate Bluetooth? No worries, you can always use a standard 3.5mm cable to connect your device to the speaker.

So, march over here for to own a unit of the Marshall’s Stockwell portable Bluetooth speaker for just $109.99 ($90 off).

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Published July 23, 2019 — 13:23 UTC

Price $ 109.99 ProductStockwell Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker by Marshall

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