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YouTuber leaks Mac Pro cheese-grating performance with disappointing results

Not so grate


Apple’s original Mac Pro was affectionately referred to as a cheese grater until the company decided to go for more of a trash can aesthetic in 2013. When the company introduced the 2019 Mac Pro – a clear callback to the original design – it also reintroduced the image of rubbing some parmesan against the chassis next time you fancy a caeser salad.

Unfortunately, YouTuber Winston Moy has gone ahead and ruined that image; it turns out the Mac Pro probably won’t grate cheese all that well. In a 7-minute video, Moy walks us through the process of replicating Apple’s grate new design in handheld form, including chamfered edges to make Jony Ive happy. If you’d like to 3D print your own, you can find Moy’s design on this thingiverse page.

As pretty of a trinket it turned out to be, when the time case to shave the cheese, the results were disappointing. Moy says the Mac Pro‘s design is useless for softer cheeses – a difficult test for any grater – but it was also largely mediocre against a block of Pecorino Romano. Moy noted that “you really need to apply pressure to make it work,” suggesting Apple may need to refine the design’s 3D Touch sensitivity, but it’s disappointing given the company’s penchant for intuitive design.

That said, it did seem to do a handy job of shaping the pecorino into an aesthetically-pleasing cheeseball, perhaps a classic case of Apple emphasizing form over function. And if all else fails, it does make for a futuristic soap dish.

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Published June 21, 2019 — 07:29 UTC

Machining Apple's Mac Pro Grille on a CNC on Winston Moy [YouTube]