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The new Kindle Oasis’ adjustable hue makes night reading much easier


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Price $ 249,99 ProductKindle Oasis by Amazon

The new Kindle Oasis e-reader has been announced and it has a fancy new feature: a color adjustable frontlight. Basically, rather than simply changing the brightness of the screen to help with evening reading, it can alter hue as the day progresses.

Basically, it’ll turn from a cool blue during the day, to a warmer yellow color at night. Users can either change this themselves, or set the device to do so automatically. Our eyes will thank us.

Amazon‘s Kindle Oasis is the premium version of the company’s range of e-readers, this means it’s normally the first to get exciting new features, such as waterproofing. The introduction of this color temperature adjustment seems to be following a trend across the whole tech industry, with a similar function called Night Shift available on iOS and Mac.


Obviously, someone at Amazon believes relieving the strain on eyes during night reading was a strong enough proposition to update the Oasis product line with, as it’s the only huge change from the previous model. While you’ll find a new, faster e-ink screen on the device, there’s still the same resolution (300 ppi), and Audible support as the last device. The buttons for changing pages on the side of the Kindle Oasis remain, and — of course — it’s still waterproof, meaning you can bathe and read until you turn into a human raisin.

This, friend, could be you if you buy this fancy new Kindle Oasis.

If you’ve been hankering for a premium e-reader, you can pre-order the new Kindle Oasis right now from Amazon. The 8GB model will set you back $249.99, while the 32GB version costs $279.99. It’s available in two colors (graphite and, uh, champagne gold), so you can decide which is going to look best next to your bedside lamp. If you’d like to remove the special offers (read: adverts) from the Kindle‘s lockscreen, that’ll set you back another $20.

The new Kindle Oasis is being launched on June 24 (so soon!) and you can pre-order that badboy here. Happy night time reading, y’all!

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Published June 19, 2019 — 14:24 UTC

Price $ 249,99 ProductKindle Oasis by Amazon