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CHEAP: A pillow with built-in cooling has 58% off? YES P-p-p-ppppLEASE

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Price $ 22.99 ProductCooling memory foam pillow by PharMeDoc

I don’t know how hot it is where you live, but Delhi (which is where I’m based) is a firepit. The maximum temperatures are easily past 45 degrees Celsius (yes, Celsius), and even at night, the mercury is dancing around the high 30s. So naturally, I wanted to look for a ‘cool’ product. This is how I came across the cooling memory foam pillow with infused memory gel just for $22.99, down from $54.99.

The PharMeDoc cooling pillow has a hole-punch design that increases airflow and ventilation to keep your head cool. Plus, the memory foam is injected with temperature regulating gel to disperse the heat. 

The pillow comes with a soft, zipper-removable case, which makes it easy to wash.

Don’t wait for long, and grab the coolest pillow for some quality sleep for just $22.99 ($32 off).

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Published June 12, 2019 — 12:05 UTC

Price $ 22.99 ProductCooling memory foam pillow by PharMeDoc