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Microsoft brings back the legendary IntelliMouse Explorer, now with a proper gaming sensor

The Pixart 3389 sensor makes this a serious gaming mouse

Price $ 60 ProductPro Intellimouse by Microsoft

When Microsoft brought back the IntelliMouse Explorer – one of the most iconic mice ever made – I lamented the fact the company gave seemingly no consideration to the peripheral’s gaming performance. Gamers were the ones who most fondly remembered the mouse for its shape and performance, to the extent some still use the classic mouse today. Most other people probably wouldn’t even remember what the mouse was called.

It seems Microsoft heard my complaints; the company today introduced the $60 Pro Intellimouse, which keeps its predecessor’s classic shape but adds gamer-friendly features like a new sensor, improved key actuation, customizable buttons, and a textured gradient finish. There’s even a solitary RGB light this time around.

The new Intellimouse Pro is available in two finishes

Specifically, that sensor is a Pixart 3389 – making this the first IntelliMouse to not use a Microsoft-designed sensor. That’s probably for the best; Pixart is known to make arguably the best gaming sensors on the market. They’re used in mice from Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, Zowie, and more.

Unlike the Microsoft BlueTrack sensor on the 2017 IntelliMouse, the Pixart 3389 won’t limit your gaming performance. That makes the pertinent variable the mouse‘s design and build quality.

Considering how many people love the IntelliMouse Explorer’s classic shape, I expect the new Intellimouse to be a veritable hit. At $60, the price seems fair too. You can pick one up from the Microsoft Store now, or pre-order on Amazon for shipment June 5.

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Published May 28, 2019 — 19:39 UTC

Price $ 60 ProductPro Intellimouse by Microsoft

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