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CHEAP: JBL cinema speaker system for $200? Don’t mind if I do

That's a lot of noise for not a lot of cash.

header image CHEAP JBL cinema 610
Price $ 199.95 ProductCinema 610 by JBL

Jack Churchill once said that any soldier who enters battle without a sword is improperly dressed. Similarly, any TV that lacks a decent sound system isn’t fit for purpose. It’s half-baked. Unfinished. Inadequate. After all, audio is a fundamental part of any movie or TV program. It’s almost impossible to build suspense and excitement with it.

So, why are you still listening to shows through the tinny built-in speakers of your TV?

You could get a sound bar. You could, but you shouldn’t. At least, not while this hefty 5.1 speaker system from JBL is on sale for the bargain price of $200. That’s half the typical asking price of $400.

At the heart of the JBL Cinema 610 is a meaty 60W subwoofer, which stands proudly on four legs, and promises to deliver bass notes with such ‘oomph,’ they resonate across the entire room.

Hook this bad boy up to your TV and it’ll repay you by making explosions appear so realistic, your neighbors will think they’re living next to a terrorist sleeper cell. Prepare to be on a first-name basis with your local SWAT team.

Accompanying it are five satellite speakers, including one center speaker. Place this on top of your TV stand, or above your display, and it’ll deliver dialogue with perfect prevision and clarity. The kit also comes with everything you’d need to mount it to your wall, as well as free ground shipping within the US, free returns, and a lifetime of support.

Is this a bit of an overkill? Probably. But is it worth it? Will it add a much-needed infusion of excitement to your home cinema system? Absolutely. Be quick and grab one from JBL’s site for $200. Your TV will thank you for it.

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Published May 3, 2019 — 11:36 UTC

Price $ 199.95 ProductCinema 610 by JBL