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CHEAP: This baby T-Rex is only $2.95M on eBay, paleontologists HATE it

Pretend you're an asteroid and stick it to the dinosaurs once more

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Price $ 2,950,000 ProductBaby T-Rex by Dinosaur

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

When we started CHEAP, it had a simple premise: finding a great deal, no matter the cost. And, well, we’ve just found the deal to top all deals. Say hello, one and all, to a baby T-Rex skeleton – (arguably) the only one in existence!

Yes, it might set you back $2.95 million, but you’ll be the only person in the world to own one. Surely that’s worth it.

So, what sorta specs does this baby T-Rex have then? What can you expect to get? Well, how about a 15 foot (4.57m in real measurements) body? A 21 inch (53.34cm) head? AND serrated teeth? The only thing left to say is WOW.

Does just being the owner of a rare dinosaur skeleton not do it for you, what other reasons are there to buy the baby T-Rex? Well, we have a few:

  • Annoy palaeontologists: A lot of people in the field are pretty vexed about this auction, so buy it just to piss them off even more. Looking at you here, Elon Musk.
  • Try and summon a dinosaur ghost: Me? I’m not one for being haunted by a baby T-Rex – you might feel different though. Buy it.
  • Bury it again to mess with palaeontologists: Put the skeleton somewhere scientists would never expect it to be, like in a cinema or in children’s sand pit. Watch them try and work that one out.
  • Help us hit our affiliate targets: If you actually do buy this baby T-Rex on eBay, we get a tasty slice of that purchase pie. That means I might be bought a couple of drinks and, excitingly, receive some praise. Who doesn’t want that?

So, go on, buy this $2.95 million baby T-Rex skeleton. You won’t regret it.*

*zero regret-based guarantees

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Published April 17, 2019 — 13:56 UTC

Price $ 2,950,000 ProductBaby T-Rex by Dinosaur

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