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Video: Welcome to the wild world of… wood sander racing?

Can't wait to be caught in a wood sander betting scandal

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Humanity has raced for millennia. Humans racing humans. Humans racing horses. Humans racing dogs. Humans racing pigeons. Just race on race on race, forever – endlessly testing each other’s speed.

But, there’s a certain, magical type of racing previously unexplored. So, welcome one and all to… uh, wood sander racing?


It works like this. There’s a wooden track with space for two sanders. These are connected to an extension cord, which is in turn hooked up to a wooden stand with a pair of dials. When these are turned, the sanders take off down the track. The first one to the end wins.

A metaphor for the human struggle? Certainly. A future betting scandal? Let’s hope so. But a whole load of fun? Definitely.

If you’d like to get your own wood sander to race? You can get your very own one here. Be warned though, we take absolutely zero responsibility for any injuries you may (and probably will) suffer.

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Published April 5, 2019 — 12:11 UTC