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The most offbeat and awesome inventions we found at Lille’s Maker Faire

The world is wide, weird, and wonderful

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TNW took a trip to the Maker Faire in Lille to find the weirdest and wackiest devices around – and we discovered just that. We’re releasing a new video every couple of days and this is where you can find them all.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Maker Faire, it’s a worldwide event where people come to share their inventions. These can be anything from furniture made out of old oil drums, all the way through to DIY drone racing. Basically, it’s a hotbed of creativity.

Best of all, we were lucky enough at TNW to go and visit one of these events in Lille – and, lord, did we have one hell of a time. So, in this piece, we’re collating all of the incredible inventions we came across at the Maker Faire.


If you put this box on your head it makes your face big (AKA THE BIG FACE BOX)

Sometimes, all you want is a bigger face.

Discover if you too can be the recipient of an overly large mug (hint: you definitely can).

Dear R2D2 Builders Association: why, why, why why why, why why, why?

Some people buy jetskis, others do woodwork, while some join a club to build cool robots from Star Wars.

Find out if the force is strong by heading over here.

OMFG, this guy makes bikes from trees

Who said that bikes needed to be made out of metal? Definitely not this fella. He, in fact, believes the opposite.

This is where you click to find out more

The rock and roll revelation that is WOOD SANDER RACING AWWWYEAHHHH

If you’ve never dreamed of standing in front of an admiring crowd and racing wood sanders then… did you even have a childhood?

Click right here to learn more about this breathtaking world

The folks who invented a way to play music on exotic fruit

Yep, you’re seeing that correctly. That’s me playing a goddamn pineapple. And another human being. This, friends, is the future.

Head on over here to find out more about this project.

We’re going to be updating this page over the next couple of weeks with all the awesome projects we found, so keep coming back for some more brilliant inventions from the Maker Faire in Lille!

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Published April 3, 2019 — 13:54 UTC

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