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This app collects wallpapers designed to hide Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera

That's a lot of eyeholes

The hole-punch on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup might not be as obnoxious as a notch. But, in case you wanted to hide it anyway, there’s now an app that collects creative wallpapers designed to camouflage the phone‘s camera cutout.

As spotted by Android Police, Hidey Hole essentially scrapes Reddit for hole-punch wallpapers and stacks them in one place, so you can comfortably choose from a wide range to trick out your S10. What’s especially nifty is the app also lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation settings for each image.

There’s one catch though: you need to have an S10 to download the app (that’s also the reason why our broke asses couldn’t test out Hidey Hole).

The cutout wallpaper trend first picked up earlier in March, when users took to Reddit to share images designed to hide the S10‘s hole-punch. There’s now an entire subreddit dedicated to that. Spoiler: you’re bound to see a lot of eyeholes on that page.

Since then, the trend has pretty much caught on everywhere else; popular tech YouTuber Jonathan Morrison went as far as making 20 original wallpapers for the S10.

You can get Hidey Hole from Google Play here. Now go hide your hole(s).

And if you’re still thinking about copping an S10, you can check out the different configurations and prices here.

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Published March 21, 2019 — 11:52 UTC