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Haiku Review: UE BOOM 2

Can I get a 5-7-5 for a bluetooth speaker?

Haiku review (1)
Price $ 129.99 ProductUE BOOM 2 by Ultimate Ears

Welcome to Haiku Review, a feature where we review gear and gadgets using the Japanese poetry form.

This time round, we’re looking at the UE BOOM 2, a portable bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears.

This, friends, is my own beloved UE BOOM 2

Here we go:


Small, three-sixty sound

Loud, clear, tough and waterproof,

I shower with it


Stay tuned for more poetic breakdowns of popular products. And, if you’re that way inclined, you can grab a UE BOOM 2 here.

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Published August 28, 2018 — 09:56 UTC

Price $ 129.99 ProductUE BOOM 2 by Ultimate Ears