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Bragi’s $149 answer to Apple’s AirPods are now available

Bragi Headphone hed

Bragi, the German wireless audio gear company that first made a splash on Kickstarter, is finally ready to begin shipping its new cable-free earbuds, dubbed Headphone.

The $149 set is a simpler version of the firm’s previous Dash headphones, which included fitness tracking capabilities and onboard storage to play music without pairing with a phone.

The Headphone connects to any device via Bluetooth and delivers up to six hours of listening time. It includes a mic to let you take phone calls, and also has an audio transparency feature that lets you hear more sound from your surroundings without having to take off the in-ear set.

The Headphone is about $10 cheaper than Apple’s AirPods and offers an extra hour of audio, so it seems like it might be a compelling alternative for those looking to go wireless.

It’s good to see that these are finally available: Bragi missed its promised shipping date last Christmas and sent a printable PDF to customers instead. You can get your Headphone buds right now from Bragi’s online store, which ships to more than 30 countries across North America and Europe, as well as Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

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Published January 17, 2017 — 04:46 UTC

The Headphone on Bragi Shop