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This odd invention turns your hoverboard into a speedy wheelchair

hoverboard hoverseat wheelchair

If you’ve always missed the comfort of sitting while riding your hoverboard, this quirky invention might just be what you’re looking for.

The HoverSeat is an aluminum die-cast frame that attaches to your hoverboard turning it into a speedy wheelchair.

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the HoverSeat is easy to install and will have you rolling around in less than 60 seconds.

hoverboard hoverseat wheelchair

Once installed, you can navigate the HoverSeat with your feet and move freely in all directions, including reverse.

In addition to using it for personal transportation, the HoverSeat will also come in handy when moving heavy shit – as you can easily add more attachments to the back.

hoverboard hoverseat wheelchair 1

At present, the HoverSeat is compatible only with six and 10-inch wheelbase hoverboards, but the company assures new models will support a wider range of sizes.

The attachable frame is currently on sale at $69, but you’ll have to spend another $50 for the aluminum chair. You can also purchase these handles for manual control for $50.

The HoverSeat might not be the flying futuristic hoverboard you’ve always wanted, but hey – at least it’s safe and comfy.

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Published September 9, 2016 — 11:46 UTC