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This smart urinal will clean your dick entirely hands-free

The future of men’s hi-tech toilet accessories has never looked so bright. There’s now a cutting-edge urinal that’s bound to turn the bathroom into your new favorite place and pissing into your new favorite activity.

The Urinary 2.0 is a smart dick bidet that aims to take the hassle out of taking a leak by automating the cleaning process and making it entirely hands-free.

This not only means you won’t have to get your hands dirty, but that you can also cut the chances of dropping your phone in the toilet in half by holding it with both hands.

That’s right. Once you’ve emptied your tank, the hi-tech urinal will proceed to spray soapy water on your tallywacker for three seconds and dry it immediately afterwards.

To make the pissing experience even comfier, the Urinary packs numerous sensors that not only monitor your stream and activate the cleaning mechanism as soon as you’re done, but also adjust the warmth of the water based on the temperature in your bathroom.

If this wasn’t enough, the smart urinal will also take into account your height and the size of your bishop, and adjust accordingly so it doesn’t accidentally spitz on your pants.

Don’t be jealous just yet, ladies. The team behind this marvellous toilet accessory is currently working on another version of the urinary specifically tailored to suit women.

At present, the invention is still in its prototype stage, but Urinary’s Eduard Gevorkyan says the company is currently negotiating selling the patent to manufacturers, so hopefully we’ll soon see the smart urinal in toilets everywhere.

via Engadget

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Published September 7, 2016 — 11:18 UTC

2.0 urinary patented able to wash and dry the penis on La Info