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Amazon Echo can actually order things now

Amazon Echo

Echo has gotten better with every passing update, but Amazon’s been surprisingly slow to implement some pretty obvious features. Case in point: you can actually place new orders from, you know, Amazon.

To be clear, you could previously only re-order things you’d already bought –  a feature that was introduced last May. Then in May this year, Amazon added the ability to track your Amazon orders. This is the first time you could actually place completely new orders.

As for how it all works, you can just ask Alexa the type of item you’re trying to buy: For example, you could “order brownie mix,” and Alexa would respond with some suggested brands and a cost. Then simply approve the order, and you’re good to go.

The products do have to be Prime-eligible, but that covers a huge swatch of items anyway. And if you already know your preferred brands, this makes shopping on Amazon awfully convenient. Better late than never.


Published July 1, 2016 — 18:46 UTC