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This $400 smart toothbrush with a 10MP live camera is so unnecessary


Ever wish to see the inside of your mouth when brush your teeth? We didn’t think so – but if you’re into that kind of stuff, now you can film yourself scrubbing your teeth with a $400 smart toothbrush.

The Prophix toothbrush comes with a 10MP camera that shoots in 1080p – a ridiculously next level spec for simply watching where you’re brushing. The camera sends a live feed of where the brush head is aimed so you can watch from your smartphone and clean accordingly.


You can also use the brush to snap photos of your teeth and gums to check up on its health week after week. Though, if you’re like most of us at TNW, seeing that image once at the dentist’s office during an annual checkup is more than sufficient. Please don’t make denties (dental selfies) a thing.

Prophix is currently taking pre-orders at a discounted rate of $299, with the product scheduled to ship in 2017. Frankly, I question any adult with $300 – $400 lying around who still doesn’t understand how to effectively brush teeth, but don’t let me tell you how to live.

Published June 6, 2016 — 14:40 UTC