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This smart plug is like an IT guy for your home, and that could be awesome (or terrible)

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You know how every smart-ass IT guy or customer service rep tells you to try turning your devices off and on to solve your issues? ResetPlug does just that, except automatically — and for your home Wi-Fi woes.

The $59.99 plug (yes, seriously) monitors your WiFi signal, and automatically toggles the power off and on if it notices you’re not getting a strong connection. It’ll even turn your power on and off every five minutes until your internet connection is working again.

It’s positioned for combo modem/routers, so keep that in mind before you get too excited. If you’ve got dedicated modem and router hardware, you’ll need two ResetPlugs, and there’s no indication they work in tandem. If the router doesn’t catch your modem’s signal in time, you could end up in a reset death spiral.

It’s great for homes that have a lot of connected devices, or if unplugging your modem and/or router really annoys you. For $60 though, I’ll suffer the indignity of paying attention to my Wi-Fi equipment every few months for 30 seconds.

via Product Hunt

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Published May 3, 2016 — 16:47 UTC

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