Samsung’s Note 5 now comes with a warning about inserting the S Pen backwards

Note 5 Warning Samsung

Remember Pen Gate? If you’re not familiar, the whole tech-o-sphere (including yours truly) made an uproar a few months ago over a design flaw in the Galaxy Note 5: if you insert the S-Pen backwards, you’ll permanently damage the ability for the phone to recognize when the stylus has been inserted or removed (and therefore break some of its best features).

Well, Samsung has finally addressed the issue… sort of. YouTuber J. Williams recently unboxed a new Galaxy Note 5 and noticed the phone now comes with a warning label on the screen, cautioning against inserting the pen backwards:


The phone previously included a warning in the manual, but I mean, who reads those anyway?

While you’d expect any reasonable person to know which way it goes in, the concern was that when fumbling around in the dark, handing to a child or absentmindedly playing with the phone, it was too easy to mess up the device permanently (inserting the pen backwards provided no resistance).

It would be an easy fix for Samsung, and it’ll almost certainly be gone whenever the Note 6 comes around. A label doesn’t solve the problem on the Note 5, but at the very least people will know there’s a risk from the outset.

J. Williams [YouTube via Phandroid]


Published November 17, 2015 — 17:27 UTC