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Moov’s new fitness tracker will coach you through your workout

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Moov has launched its new wearable fitness device – MOOV NOW – which is available for pre-order, with a limited number being sold at a discounted price of $59.99 instead of $99.99.

The band itself is designed to be lightweight and breathable, and is worn on the ankle as opposed to the wrist. It comes in Aqua Blue, Fusion Red, Blizzard White and Stealth Black colours.

MOOV NOW tracks your activity while you work out, and provides visual and audio feedback about your workout via the accompanying app.

For example, if you’re pounding the pavement too hard when you run, the device will advise you on how to land softer. Or if you’re moving too slow throughout your workout, it’ll tell you to pick up the pace.

MOOV NOW comes with 12 pre-programmed 7-minute workouts in its app, which it coaches you through while suggesting new techniques and ways to push yourself.

As well as monitoring your form and fitness, it also features a sleep tracker and a social platform where you can connect with your friends and share your workouts and activity levels.

While it doesn’t monitor your heart rate directly, MOOV NOW has support for third party heart rate monitors.

Interestingly, Moov has chosen not to include a rechargeable battery and has instead opted to go for a six month battery, which users will need to replace when it runs out.


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Published July 16, 2015 — 15:00 UTC