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Game, set and match: This wearable device will keep score while you play racket sports


With Wimbledon 2015 fast-approaching (it starts in June, in case you’ve missed that), Pulse Play felt it the perfect time to launch its crowdfunding campaign for a wearable that will not only track your physical activity, but also the score if you’re playing racket sports.

Available to back from today on Indiegogo, the Pulse Play G1 Wristband will provide live score announcements to help settle your on-court squabbles about whether you really were already on ‘deuce’ before that last shot. It’ll also store your game history and assign you a global ranking against other users once your game is over.

It’s not just for tennis though, the company says it should work just as well for table-tennis, squash, badminton and other racket sports.

There’s also a feature planned for the accompanying iOS and Android apps that lets you arrange games with people in your local area who play at a similar skill level.


In total, the project is looking to raise $75,000. The lowest pledge to secure yourself a Pulse Play G1 is $50 – for early birds – and purchases at the other end of the scale will net backers the chance to battle it out on the court with the company’s CEO and three time Grand Slam champ Andy Ram, as well as VIP passes to the upcoming US Open and French Open events.

As with any crowdfunding project, however, it’s caveat emptor on whether the project will be delivered on time, or indeed ever.

A spokesperson for the company told TNW that there are already prototype devices in existence and that Pulse Play is being backed by sFBI (Small Factory Big Ideas), an Israeli startup studio to help ensure it makes it to market once the campaign is over.

➤ Pulse Play G1 [Indiegogo]

Published April 28, 2015 — 14:00 UTC