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Google’s Nexus Player is bringing Android TV to the UK on March 26


If you’ve been tempted by Chromecast but need the gadgets connected to your TV to do a little bit more – good news! Google’s Nexus Player, its first Android TV device, is launching in the UK on March 26.

Screenshot 2015-03-23 12.58.04

The black puck’s biggest advantage over the Chromecast is that it’s a dedicated set-top box so you don’t need another device to use it. Its Google’s assault on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. Pair it with the gamepad accessory and it becomes an Android console.

The Nexus Player’s been available for pre-order in the US since October but it’s now on Amazon for £80 ($120). It hasn’t popped up on Google’s own store yet but should start shipping this week.

Google Nexus Player [Amazon via Engadget]

Image credits: Google

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Published March 23, 2015 — 13:15 UTC