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The British Army has turned Oculus Rift into a recruiting tool

Army – VISUALISE – high res 3

The British Army’s latest recruitment drive harnesses the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to drop potential soldiers into the midst of a live fire Army Reserve exercise on Salisbury Plain.

The Army is deploying the VR headset for the first time today at Waterloo Station in London. Members of the public take a seat in a Range Rover before strapping on the Oculus Rift.

In the simulation, the potential recruit plays the crewman of a Challenger 2 tank, surrounded by other tanks engaging enemy positions, as well as communicating with other armored vehicles driving alongside them.

The Army’s recruitment and training devision developed the campaign with Visualise, a London-based firm specialising in virtual reality, and advertising agency JWT.

There’s also a more traditional TV ad to go alongside the Oculus Rift novelty.

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Published January 16, 2015 — 15:47 UTC