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The $99 Eye Tribe Tracker lets you control a Windows PC, laptop or tablet with only your eyes


The majority of the innovation and experimentation surrounding user interface design at the moment – especially in consumer products – revolves around motion controls. Kinect, Leap MotionMYO – it’s all about flapping our arms or jumping up and down. Eye tracking is totally different.

The Eye Tribe wants to take the technology mass market with the Tracker, a $99 piece of kit for Windows users. It’s a long, but thin bar that attaches to your PC, laptop or tablet via USB 3.0 and tracks the movement of your eyes to within the length of a fingertip.

It’s being shipped with an SDK that developers can use to integrate eye control into their existing apps and games. Example use-cases include playing the guitar with some scrolling sheet music, looking up to review some cooking instructions and playing video games as if you had Superman’s laser vision.

The Eye Tribe Tracker certainly has a lot of potential, but it’ll need the support of developers to make it truly revolutionary. Without software, it’s an idea and nothing more. Pre-orders are now live; The Eye Tribe expects the first units to ship before Christmas this year.

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Published September 5, 2013 — 14:00 UTC