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Check out Russell Brand’s new ads for the HP TouchPad. You’ll laugh…


HP is pulling out all the stops with the advertis for its TouchPad tablet. Russell Brand of Get Him to the Greek fame is showing users just how easy it is to get the most from the tablet.

The series of 30-second promos, highlighted over at Business Insider, cover each of the TouchPad’s features, and despite saying that the TouchPad isn’t going after the iPad, one or two of the promos take a jab at Apple’s tablet. The most noticeable of these is a dig at the iPad’s lack of Flash support, with Brand saying: “The only barrier is the barrier of my conscience, and let me tell you, that’s no barrier at all.”

See what you think of the promos for yourself below:

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Published July 3, 2011 — 14:48 UTC