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Own an iPad? If you need a stand or case, TabGrip has you covered

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I don’t do many product reviews, but on the occasion I do get sent something designed for iPad to play with. When I heard that an iPad case was on the way to my Chicago abode I was not overly enthused; I am not a fan of cases.

My iPhone is uncased, as its previous brothers were as well. My iPad is likewise unclad. Why bother to buy Apple products if you are going to make them fat with a case? So when the case, called ‘TabGrip,’ did actually arrive, I was skeptical to say the least.

However, my pre-impressions were wrong, I am actually impressed with what TabGrip has put together. Their piece of plastic is both a very minimalist case and stand combined, killing two birds on my desk with one stone. My current iPad stand I made out of a coat hanger (you can too), and does a rickety and lame job of holding the slate up. To help you understand what it looks like, here are two press shots:

You can actually extend all four legs and make an iPad table of sorts that will stand so long as you don’t press down too hard.

The TabGrip is the first iPad accessory that I have played with (aside from keyboards) that does not impede normal iPad use. It is neither too bulky nor too heavy, meaning that it just adds to your experience at little cost.

TabGrips are running for around $35, which feels pretty fair to us. Have an iPad? This may be for you.

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Published January 4, 2011 — 21:46 UTC